Upcoming ‘Resident Evil Village’ DLC Will Be Harder To Beat Than The Casino slot online Base Game

Capcom has revealed that the upcoming casino slot online halo69 DLC for Resident Evil Village titled ‘Shadows of Rose’ will give players a harder time to play through compared to the base game.

Capcom revealed some new online slot casino game information regarding the upcoming DLC on Twitter. Among the information we learned is that the DLC will be hard to beat as ammo and healing items will be scarce and hard to find.

Players will need to be smart about how they use their resources and be a lot more conservative than how they played through the casino slot main story.

Shadows of Rose is an epilogue story that takes place years after the events of the slot casino online game’s main story campaign. The epilogue follows Rose, the daughter of Ethan Winters who, at the end of the main story, was revealed to be all grown up and is currently under the tutelage of Chris Redfield.

Not much information has been revealed yet about Shadows of Rose’s story but all we know so far is that Rose will return to the village where she was once kidnapped as a child.


Resident Evil Village was released last year and continued to build on the foundation that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard laid out, where the franchise’s direction is starting to lean more into its horror aspects as opposed to the action shooter feel of the earlier games.

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