Pro Apex Legends Casino Slot Online Player Chooses Not to Kill a Disconnected Opponent in a $2 Million Tournament

Apex Legends Casino Slot Online halo69 pro player Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen has made an important mark on the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 tournament for choosing not to kill a disconnected opponent despite $2 million being on the line.

As reported by Eurogamer, ImperialHal spotted a lone Casino Slot Online player in the distance and, when he noticed he wasn’t moving and was likely disconnected, he told his TSM teammates to not shoot him.

“Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him, bro! He’s crashed,” ImperialHal said. “He 100 percent tabbed out or crashed or something. Don’t shoot them – it’s Scarz.”

His act of kindness and good Casino Slot Online sportsmanship did not go unnoticed and fans and competitors alike praised his decision to spare the player who was dealing with technical issues. ImperialHal responded to the comments by saying, “It’s the least every player can do out here with these issues.”

It all worked out in the end as both TSM and Scarz made it through to today’s heat and lived to fight another Casino Slot Online day that may see them facing off fair and square.

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