New Casino slot online game ‘Sifu’ Summer Update Coming In August

Developer Sloclap has recently revealed the details of the upcoming update for its martial Casino slot online halo69 arts game Sifu. The update is set to release in August, introducing modifiers that alter the flow of combat drastically. Sloclap shared a video detailing how these modifiers may hinder or aid players.

Some of the interesting modifiers include Bullet Time, which slows down the fight to dramatic effect, or Low Gravity for floaty fights, and Golden Weapons, which makes weapons unbreakable. These new exciting modifiers may open up new avenues for veterans and attract newer players to give the game a shot.

Sifu, a third-person beat ‘em up casino slot game, casts players as a martial artist out to avenge his father.

The father was a martial arts master who was murdered by a former student called Yang. Yang assassinated everyone at the school, including the main casino slot online character.

They were restored, however, by an ancient talisman that brings them back from the dead, but a little older each time. That mechanic is actually part of the gameplay, as players return a little older after each death. The older you get, the stronger you are, but you also become more fragile.

Sloclap plans to add more content and updates to the beat ‘em up game in the future. However, they have clearly stated their intention to steer away from any multiplayer elements.

Sifu is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Games Store.

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