Halloween Ends: First Trailer for Casino Slot Online Jamie Lee Curtis’ Final Chapter Revealed

The first casino slot online halo69 trailer for Halloween Ends has arrived today, giving horror hounds a brief glimpse at what’s been billed as the final showdown between series stalwart Laurie Strode and masked menace Michael Myers.

The 13th casino slot online film in the 44-year-old franchise, Halloween Ends will become the fourth in the new continuity established by 2018’s Halloween – which ignored every prior film other than the 1978 original.

Director David Gordon Green has called Halloween Ends “a love letter to franchise casino slot online creator John Carpenter” and noted it will be very different to Halloween Kills.

Curtis bid a fond farewell to her casino slot online role in a personal Instagram post back in February. “A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies,” she wrote, before also thanking the actors and creative teams she had collaborated with over the years.

While you’re waiting for the next casino slot online chapter, check out IGN’s thoughts on the previous film, plus Green’s own explanation of the ending of Halloween Kills.


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