God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition Already Scalped For Double The Casino Slot Online Price

God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition Already Scalped For Double The Price - God of War: Ragnarok

Scalpers are already reselling God of War Ragnarok’s Jotnar Casino Slot Online halo69 Edition for hundreds of dollars more than its original price.

Given the limited quantity, it’s not surprising that the more collectable Casino Slot Online editions have already sold out on official retail sites like GAME and the PlayStation Store. And, perhaps even more predictably, it appears that too many scalpers have gotten their hands on the pre-orders and are selling them online at exorbitant prices.

On July 15, God of War Ragnarok became available for pre-order around the Casino Slot Online world, commencing in the United Kingdom and Europe. While the Jotnar Edition was originally priced at £229.99 in UK stores, it is now being resold online for at least double that amount with one seller posting an eye-watering price of £1,000.

The Casino Slot Online trend is consistent over in the United States; the chea[est Jotnar Edition is available on eBay US for US$375. Some are even pushing the limits, setting the price above US$500.

For Casino Slot Online context, the US version was originally priced at US$259.99. This is surely bad Casino Slot Online news for Casino Slot Online players looking to preorder the collectable, only to find out they were out of luck against scalpers.

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