Fall Guys Clone Tops Charts With Impressive Casino Slot Online Revenue

It is absolutely amazing to see mobile casino slot online halo69 games take off and create waves in a sea dominated by worthless copies and spammy games. Mobile Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout clone Stumble Guys is a mobile casino slot online version of the popular platformer game that took over the world by storm.

Stumble Guys is developed by Finnish studio Kitka casino slot online Games and was launched a few months after Fall Guys hit the PlayStation 4 and PC in August 2020. While the game was met with mediocre reception, it managed to create new records in recent months, according to market specialist AppMagic.

The multiplayer knockout casino slot online game, similar to Fall Guys, has players scrambling to overcome a succession of colourful obstacle courses until only one person remains standing, and it also features a variety of customisation possibilities.

The casino slot online game has been downloaded over 136 million times and has accumulated over US$21.5 million in revenue. In fact, the game has over 18 million daily players as pointed out by the developers, eclipsing the 250,000 daily player count in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, according to PlayerCounter.com.

The game is also currently in the top 10 of both the US and UK Google Play download charts.

The casino slot online game’s downloads peaked on June 25, when 1.5 million people downloaded it in one day.

When these data are broken down monthly, the game’s rise to fame is even more casino slot online impressive: according to Appmagic, Stumble Guys downloads were 8.9 million in January and 32.8 million in June.

Stumble Guys is the only title from Finland’s Kitka casino slot online Games on the App Store or Google Play. According to LinkedIn, the development team consists of only five developers.

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