Ethan Hawke Says Making Horror Casino slot online Movies Is Like Solving a ‘Geometry Problem’

Ethan Hawke has likened the process of making a horror casino slot online halo69 movie to solving a “geometry problem,” noting a considerable amount of math goes into it.

In an interview with /Film, Hawke spoke of the horror genre and the nuances behind the filmmaking process for a movie that is designed to scare. He used Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s script for The Black Phone as a reference point for how “math” can be applied to strike the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity to achieve the desired outcome.

“Making a good horror film is a lot like solving a geometry problem,” Hawke explained. “There’s a math to a building. It has to be simple enough, complicated enough. casino slot online People write books about [Alfred] Hitchcock and the timing and the way the cuts work. There’s just a math to it. Scott’s a very elegant filmmaker. I feel like this script was even better than Sinister, and it’s more mature filmmaking. He makes good movies.”

Based on the short story by Joe Hill, The Black Phone stars Mason Thames as an abducted child who can communicate with the past victims of his kidnapper aka “The Grabber,” portrayed by Ethan Hawke. Judging by the teasers so far, Hawke’s creepy antagonist has an eroded soul and a sense of genuine menace that makes for particularly unsettling casino slot online viewing.

In a behind-the-scenes featurette for The Black Phone, Hawke himself admitted that the film goes to “a deeper, stranger place” than 2012’s Sinister, in which he starred as true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt. He also said it’s a “rare occurrence” for him to play a villain, though he did recently star as flowy-haired cult leader Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight.

Derrickson previously directed Sinister from a script that he co-wrote with Cargill, and The Black Phone is touted as being a online slot casino sibling movie to it. IGN’s review of The Black Phone noted the similarities, but asserted that the latest movie exceeds “extremely high expectations in nearly every aspect” with just the right blend of “supernatural” and “relatable horrors.”

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