Dragonis Games Shows Off Cthulhu For Their Upcoming Casino Slot Online Game, Eresys

The developers of the upcoming multiplayer Casino slot online halo69 survival horror game, Eresys, have shared their latest update on the Lovecraftian horror title.

Eresys is 4-player multiplayer Casino slot online game that focuses on teamwork. The four players will face the horrors of the Lovecraftian Universe featuring intelligent AI and hidden secrets for players to uncover.

The developers have completed work the Casino slot online game’s environments, such as the caves, lakes, wooden villages and more. Cthulhu was also part of the showcase. The new model appears in dark colours with some red details. There is also a red glimpse above his head. All the models are unique and contain a plethora of details.

Eresys will be the third title by Dragonis Casino slot online Games. The game will focus on the multiplayer experience as Dragonis Games have already launched two single-player games previously. Eresys will take place on an lush, green forest on an island where Eldritch horrors reside, waiting for players to make a foolish mistake among the verdant depths of the island.

Eresys is currently available to wishlist on Steam, where you can add the Casino slot online game to receive any news about the progress. Dragonis Games is also working on a Kickstarter campaign, which is expected to be released in a couple of months.


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