Denuvo Launches Upgraded Casino Slot Online Software To Combat Cosmetic Piracy

The term ‘Denuvo’ is pretty frowned upon in the gaming Casino Slot online halo69 community. While the intention of the software is to prevent piracy, tampering, and cheating, the implementation of Denuvo on modern games is rough around the edges at best. It’s infamously known for allegedly breaking games in terms of tanking performance, affecting stability, and requiring a constant online Casino Slot online connection to simply play a single-player game.

The company has announced its latest Casino Slot online software to combat piracy, called Denuvo SecureDLC. This software takes anti-piracy to the next level and it seems that SecureDLC is aimed toward free-to-play titles, in which profit is mainly gained through.

Denuvo pointed out in their Casino Slot online press release that bypassing paywalls has become fairly simple.

“While selling additional content is an important revenue Casino Slot online stream, it has become easy to bypass the existing barriers that try to secure DLCs on popular gaming platforms like Steam and Epic,” said Denuvo.

“By using public and easily accessible Casino Slot online tools, players can automatically generate and install programs that access downloadable content without paying for it.”

This may hurt Casino Slot online developers whose games are free-to-play but rely on microtransactions to keep their game floating such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, especially in an era where cosmetics are king. Limited digital items such as collector’s item bonuses are also protected under SecureDLC.

SecureDLC plans to mitigate this by running a tracking mechanism to the game code that blocks any attempts by intruders to ‘copy’ a downloadable Casino Slot online content. The software will be available to all developers who use the original Denuvo to protect their products and is reportedly already live in certain games.


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