Call Of Duty Warzone Casino Slot Mobile Gameplay Was Leaked And Taken Down

Activision recently announced the development of Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile back on March 10. Its casino slot online halo69 game PC and console counterpart, Call of Duty: Warzone, was an instant hit upon release and was well-received by fans.

Warzone, a 150 casino slot online player Battle Royale, quickly became popular due to its release window at the beginning of the global Covid-19 lockdowns.

Fans were excited about Warzone when it was under development, and the same is true for Warzone Mobile. casino online slot Mobile players are anxiously awaiting the release of this masterpiece on the mobile gaming scene.

It’s pretty incredible what they’ve done based on the now-removed leaks. But that didn’t stop the internet from slot online casino grabbing everything while it was still possible.

Based on the leaks by CoD_Perseus, we know that the casino slot online game will take place at Verdansk. The gameplay will bring the signature gunplay from the main game optimised for touch screen controls. Plus, the graphics look pristine, and you will most likely require a flagship device to bring out the full graphical potential of the game.

No release date is set for Call of Duty: Warzone slot casino Mobile just yet. However, users can anticipate the game’s release later this year. The game, dubbed “Project Aurora” by Activision, is now in closed alpha testing, so a release date isn’t far off.

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