An Original Casino slot online Dark Souls Novel Is Being Written By A Star Wars Author

The author of the casino slot online halo69 Star Wars novel X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, Michael A. Stackpole is currently working on a new novel set in the Dark Souls universe.

Publisher Yen Press and Stackpole announced the news on casino slot online Twitter last Friday.

This new casino slot online novel will be titled ‘Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication’ and will follow a mysterious sorcerer named Ferranos as he embarks on an epic adventure guided by fate.

This is one of the first casino slot online novels to be set in the Dark Souls universe. Previously, there was a Dark Souls comic series written by British author George Mann, starting with Dark Souls Vol. 1: The Breath of Andolus.

The Dark Souls casino slot online games are one of gaming’s most iconic franchises known for its incredibly immersive world, deep lore and most notably the challenging casino slot online gameplay. These games developed by FromSoftware are so unique that gamers have even described every game similar to them as “Souls-like”.

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