A Modder Has Made Sifu Work With a Online Casino Slot Motion Controller And It Looks Like a Kung Fu Dream Come True

Rudeism on Twitter has modded Sifu to work with a Casino slot online halo69 motion controller, and it looks like a kung fu dream come true.

Rudesim, who also modded a Fisher-Price Casino slot online game controller to work on PC and played Elden Ring with it, made Sifu work with a controller that can detect his punches and parries in-game.

You can see Rudeism testing out his new Casino slot online mod in the video below, and you can see the joy in his face as he realizes how well it translates to the game.

The mod also looks to be a great alternative for those who have gotten all they can out of Casino slot online games like Ring Fit Adventure, as he gets a great workout while playing Sifu in a new way.

Sifu has been a great source for the Casino slot online modding community, as others have done such impressive things as recreating Matrix Reloaded’s iconic Agent Smith battle in-game.

While not everyone will be able to mod Sifu in the way Rudeism did, it is still a worthy addition to your library as we’ve included it on our list of the best PS5 Casino slot online games.

In our Sifu review, we said, “Sifu’s brutal learning curve and unique structure that requires you to beat it in just one lifetime are significant barriers to overcome, but on the other side is truly one of the best modern actionCasino slot online games around.”

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